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 Welcome to www.TheItalianSole.com Posh Group WZ-54 Paschim Vihar New Delhi , where we showcase the most gorgeous shoes, hand-crafted to perfection using genuine Italian leather.

 Italy. A country known for being one of the world's most prodigious producers of luxury goods. If there is one word to describe something Italian, it is : Passion. It is all about passion with Italians. They obsess over the emotional and sensory experience. Think Luciano Pavarotti . Think Ferrari and Lamborghini. Think Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada. Underlying the very foundations of Italian Luxury is: Passion.

Raison d'etre: A penchant for finery and passion is the reason of existence for The Italian Sole. Creative excellence means nothing without our aesthetic codes that make it a unique and universally understood experience and The Italian Sole embodies it very well. The Italian Sole takes its roots from the love of the finest leather hides that form the basis of a masterpiece that our shoe collection is.

Experience: True connoisseurs of luxury shoes realize that their obsession for shoes is innate and deep. They appreciate both the art and the craft that shoemaking is. Our collection at The Italian Sole embodies the very soul of craftsmanship and manual labour that goes into making the finest shoes. It is this passion for craftsmanship, strong shared values and dedication to fine arts that The Italian Sole only partners with small, but very passionate boutiques who specialize in true hand-crafted shoe-making. We are also the leading importers of raw leather hides and have only the top curators associated with us. Unrelenting pursuit of perfection, dedication to the craft of shoe-making, and superior quality are the fundamentals that reflect in our shoe collection which set them apart and give them true intrinsic value. These principles are perfectly applied to everything we do at The Italian Sole, down to the very smallest, represents the fundamental element which transforms shoes into original works of art.

Company Overview: Established in 2009, The Italian Sole has set it's eyes set on high-fashion scenario in Middle-East and South East Asia. When launched back in 2014, our imports became an instant hit with connoisseurs of fine leather goods. And we never looked after that.

Mission: Banking on our experts and our team of professionals from the world of arts, crafts and leather industry, we strive to provide the finest footwear that not just focuses on comfort but engages all senses and brings out the best in our customer.